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Your One Stop REO Shop.

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REO Services Offered

  • 24 Hour Occupancy Checks


  • BPO's completed in 24 hours or less


  • Cash for Keys knowledge 


  • Thoroughly familiar with the Eviction process


  • Trash Outs/Sales Cleans/Lawn cuts


  • Utility transfer


  • Professional and reliable contractor database capable of providing repair bids


  • Bill payment capitalized to handle repairs


  • Weekly property visits with date stamped photos throughout property life cycle


  • Monthly marketing reports


  • Timely task completion


  • Efficient & detail oriented

Our Resources


  • E&O Insurance Coverage


  • General Liability Insurance Coverage


  • Background Check is available upon request


  • Full aerial photography services for marketing luxury/waterfront properties


  • In-house HOME STAGING services for vacant properties.  To learn more about staging visit Coastal Cottages SRQ online:  Additional details and photos of staging projects are available


  • Use of social media to reach target audience in the global buyer marketplace


  • Satellite office located on Siesta Key Bridge - across from the Beach Voted #1 in the USA!


  • Support staff and rock solid field team available 24/7 to handle emergencies 

REO Experience & Credentials

  • Over $100 MILLION in REO sales volume since 2010


  • Highly qualified & licensed Florida Real Estate BROKER/OWNER with more than 9 years experience in the REO industry


  • National REO Brokers' Association, Inc. (NRBA) MEMBER - 2010


  • Accredited REO Agent - 2010


  • RDCPro Certified - 2009


  • Charter Member of Women in Default Services (WiNDS)


  • Pro Certified Agent 


  • Equator Premium Agent 

  • Exceleras & RIO Genesis platforms


  • Currently list and sell REO and Bank Assets for dozens of clients

  • Full REO resume and list of references available upon request


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